MFP 30

Komparator Saati Kalibrasyon Sistemleri MFP 30 / MFP 30 BV




  • suitable for analogue and digital dial gauges, precision indicators and lever gauge measuring devices as well as for each kind of electronic measuring sensors
  • version BV (with image analysis): fully automatic measurements
  • quick image analysis by USB3.0-camera
  • ergonomic design: change test object by folding back of the camera system
  • compact design


Technical Details

measuring range 0 – 30 mm

resolution 0,01 μm

reversal error < 0,15 μm

repeatability < 0,1 μm

measuring uncertainty U=(0,15 + 2 * 10-6 * L) μm


Scope of Delivery MFP 30

precision position encoders, control unit MFP-control, joystick, support for sample with clamping shaft ø 8 mm, support for sample with clamping shaft ø 8 mm and precision position encoder with clamping shaft ø 28 mm, support for lever gauge measuring devices (small probes), universal measuring attachment


Scope of Delivery MFP 30 BV

see MFP 30, additionally with fixed focal length lens with accessories, DIALTEST BV extension incl. USB-camera, PC complete system, software with licence